6 Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Or Long Hair

Formal Sleek Looped Updo

Elegant accents set formal updos apart. Weaving and looping are not just visually captivating,

Voluminous Messy Bun for Medium Hair

When you gathered your bedhead hair into a low bun, no one would ever know you were actually running to work or class.

Fancy Loopy Updo for Medium Hair

There are many different styles and sizes of updos for medium hair, such as this loopy look that looks great with fringe.

Messy Updo for Bob Length Hair

The piecey layered look with waves, regardless of how loose or tightly your hair falls, is sure to turn heads and garner admiration.

Messy Wrapped Chignon

The sloppy chignon, made popular by style superstars like Lauren Conrad, is still a popular hairstyle today.

Low Wavy Messy Updo

An untidy updo is always fashionable. Chic hairstyles like this one have more texture and effortless detail because to the highlighted waves.