7 Home Decor Trends to Try This Year

Bringing indoor plants into your home creates a cozy, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Research shows that indoor plants purify the air and add humidity to dry environments.

1. Indoor Plants and Trees

Spring is synonymous with flowers. Fresh floral arrangements are instant mood boosters and can alleviate stress, according to research. Plus, they make beautiful home decor accents!

2. Fresh Floral Arrangements

Floral wreaths on the front door have been a welcoming tradition for generations. They greet guests and family members with a warm, inviting touch as they approach your home.

3. Front Door Floral Wreaths

Blush interiors exude elegance and sophistication, capturing admiration with their feminine charm. This design choice adds a soft, refined touch to any space.

4. Blush Interiors

Spring and summer aren't complete without enjoying your patio. This space is perfect for family bonding and spending time with friends, creating cherished memories.

5. Patio Styling

Artwork sets the tone and tells a story in your home. Spring-themed pieces bring excitement and happiness, as the season signifies positive change and good memories.

6. Spring Artwork

Incorporate coastal textures like beach waves and seashells into your decor to evoke fun and adventure. This touch creates a relaxing, inviting atmosphere in your home.

7. Coastal Textures