7 Tennessee Walking Horse Interesting Facts

This horse breed seems flashy or bright, but that's not its objective. They were utility horses by design. They are tall, light, and strong because of this.

Tennessee Walkers are related to Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, and Saddlebreds, which are common current breeds.

The stud book for this horse breed ended in 1947. This implies every foal must have two Tennessee Walker association-registered parents to be registered.

Tennessee Walkers are known for their running walk, but they also have two natural gaits. The first is a flat foot walk, when the horse steps regularly.

Tennessee Walking Horses overstride during flat walking. If you see the horse move, the hind feet may strike the front feet.

Trigger and Silver are perhaps the most renowned horses of this breed. Roy Rogers' horse Trigger was replaced with Gold Zephyr, a Tennessee Walking Horse.

Since the stud book closed in 1947, almost 450,000 US horses have been registered. All 50 states have Tennessee Walkers, and 15,000 new foals can be registered annually.