1. Live Out Your Olympic Dreams

Lake Placid's superb Olympic Museum and tours of the Olympic structures retain its legacy as host of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. Lake Placid is a must-see for Olympic history.

2. Lake Placid Olympic Jumping Complex

Before climbing an Olympic ski jump, you won't understand its terror. I cannot imagine standing on two little pieces of wood and sliding down a near-vertical slope that throws me into the air.

3. Olympic Skyride

If you're not ready for the heart-racing experience, take the gondola up to the glass elevator 120-meter high ski jumping tower and ride the glass elevator to the observation platform for mountain vistas.

4. Stroll The Alpine Village

Ski lodges, stores, and landscape make Lake Placid seem like a Swiss village. Mirror Lake's placid waters mirror the Adirondack Mountains, trees, and swiss-style chalets, thus its name.

5. Lake Placid Olympic Center

One of the finest Lake Placid attractions for sports fans is the Olympic Center and Museum. In Lake Placid, visit the Olympic Center to see the venues where history was made.

6. Herb Brooks Arena

I've ice skated in all of Lake Placid's historic Olympic Center venues. The most notable is Herb Brooks Arena, constructed for the 1980 Olympics.

7. Paddle On Mirror Lake

First viewing Mirror Lake's quiet waters mirror the countryside will always be memorable. Mirror Lake is near Lake Placid Village yet seems far away.

8. Hike The Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails

Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails are a popular Lake Placid attraction. Four routes are popular for hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing in summer and winter.