8 Cleaning Hacks That'll Make Your Refrigerator Really Sparkle

Start by unplugging the fridge to save energy and make cleaning easier. Placing towels or newspapers around the fridge can prevent water damage from melting ice.

Unplug the Fridge

Remove all items from the fridge, including drawers and shelves, to clean thoroughly without obstacles. Store perishable items in a cooler temporarily.

Take Out Everything

Allow glass shelves to reach room temperature to prevent cracking or shattering when exposed to hot water during cleaning.

Let Glass Shelves Warm Up

Clean fridge shelves and drawers in the dishwasher (if safe) or with warm water and baking soda to remove dirt and odors. Fragrance-free dish soap can also be used.

Wash the Shelves and Drawers

Use warm water and fragrance-free dish soap or baking soda solution to clean the inside of the fridge, removing stubborn dirt and absorbing odors.

Wash the Inside

Clean the exterior of the fridge with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth, paying attention to chrome or stainless steel surfaces. Lemon can be used for extra shine.

Clean the Outside

Use the same cleaning solution as the inside of the fridge to clean the seals. A toothbrush can help reach small crevices, and hydrogen peroxide or vinegar can remove mold if necessary.

Clean the Fridge Seals

Remove the drip pan underneath the fridge, empty and clean it. Vacuum dust bunnies behind the fridge and clean the condenser coils for better efficiency.

Get Under It