8 Easy Backyard Updates You Can Do in a Day

Enhance your backyard with a DIY trellis to support climbing vines. This vertical gardening technique conserves space and creates a lush, green retreat. Building and staining a wooden trellis is a simple project that can transform your outdoor area.

1. Build a Trellis

Freshen up your garden by adding mulch or compost to your beds. David Angelov from PlantParenthood recommends compost for its rich, dark color and nutrient benefits. Alternatively, use bark mulch to beautify your garden while enriching the soil.

2. Mulch 

Expand your outdoor living space by pouring a new concrete patio. Use tools and concrete mix to create a larger patio area. For a safe, non-slip surface, brush a broom over the concrete once it begins to set.

3. Pour a Patio

Incorporate potted plants to easily update and maintain your backyard. Placing pots next to columns, doors, or between chairs adds an inviting touch. Visit local nurseries for native plants that thrive in your climate.

4. Display More Potted Plants

Transform a dull patio by spray painting concrete tiles in vibrant colors. Arrange them randomly or in a pattern to create a modern, playful space. This easy project allows you to change the color scheme seasonally.

5. Add Color to a Concrete Patio

Solve storage issues with a prefab garden shed. Perfect for storing lawn mowers, garden tools, and seasonal items, these sheds are easy to assemble and available at home centers, providing extra space in just an afternoon.

6. Piece Together a Prefab Shed

Create a Zen garden with a DIY water fountain using repurposed planter pots. This three-tiered fountain requires a small pump, hose, drill, and rocks. The soothing sound of running water adds tranquility to your backyard.

7. Assemble a Plant Pot Fountain

Enhance your backyard's ambience and safety with outdoor lighting. Kody Ketterling recommends inexpensive solar lights for beds, decks, patios, and trees. These lights create a beautiful night oasis, making your backyard inviting.

8. Add Lighting