8 Small Apartment Decor and Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Add an Entryway Bench

Create a functional entryway in a small apartment by adding a narrow bench for slipping on shoes. Utilize baskets underneath for storage and hang hooks above for jackets.

Use Removable Wallpaper

Customize your apartment decor with removable wallpaper, perfect for renters wanting to avoid wall damage. Choose from a variety of patterns, from bold graphics to delicate florals

Loft Your Bed

Maximize space in a small apartment by lofting your bed to free up floor space for storage. Add a desk or dining table underneath to create separate zones in a studio layout.

Use Temporary Decals

Easily transform your apartment decor with removable vinyl decals, ideal for adding a personalized touch to walls without the commitment of wallpaper.

Incorporate Poufs

Add extra seating and style to your living room with a pouf, serving as a coffee table or footrest. Opt for one that complements your aesthetic and provides flexible seating

Display Art Damage-Free

Showcase artwork without damaging walls by using floating shelves to layer different pieces and prints. Alternatively, explore adhesive strips as a renter-friendly solution for hanging art.

Employ Storage Containers

Keep kitchen counters organized with small storage containers, baskets, and bins. Thrift stores offer cost-effective options for personalized kitchen storage solutions.

Use a Dresser as a Nightstand

Maximize storage and maintain traffic flow in small apartment bedrooms by repurposing a dresser as a nightstand. Allocate a drawer for nighttime essentials and accessorize