8 Steps to Getting a Wildflower Garden Growing

Try a Wildflower Meadow Look

A wildflower garden by Jennie Herrington in Oxfordshire features a pond surrounded by blooming wildflowers, adding natural beauty and attracting wildlife.

Replace Lawn Sections with Wildflowers

Transform your lawn into a wildlife haven by planting native grasses and wildflowers, reducing maintenance and attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Enhance Dreamy Features with Wildflowers

Create a romantic garden by planting wildflowers along a winding path to a charming destination, using soil fertility techniques to help flowers thrive.

Use Wildflowers in Containers

Plant wildflowers in containers on patios or decks to attract butterflies and bees. Mix poppies, cornflowers, and native grasses for a beautiful display.

Roll Out a Wildflower Strip

Install wildflower turf to quickly create a meadow look, attracting pollinators and providing habitat while adding visual interest to your garden.

Add Wild Roses to Your Garden

Plant hardy wild roses among wildflowers for a touch of romance and year-round interest with beautiful blooms and rose hips for winter.

Combine Water and Wildflowers

Design a path through wildflowers leading to a pond, creating an immersive garden experience that blends cultivated areas with the natural landscape.

Create a Small Wildflower Area

Even small gardens can benefit from a wildflower section, providing habitat for wildlife and a splash of color with minimal maintenance.