8 US States That Don't Have Rattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes are not found in Alaska due to its extreme northern climate and unsuitable habitat for these reptiles.


Being isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii never had native rattlesnakes. The geographical isolation and oceanic barrier prevented their introduction.


Rattlesnakes are absent from Maine primarily due to its cooler climate and lack of suitable habitats such as rocky, dry areas favored by these snakes.


Although located in the eastern United States, Delaware does not have native rattlesnakes.


Similar to Delaware, Rhode Island's environmental conditions and habitat do not support rattlesnakes.

Rhode Island

While some parts of Connecticut have suitable habitats, there are no native populations of rattlesnakes in the state currently.


Like Connecticut, Massachusetts lacks native rattlesnakes due to factors such as climate and habitat.


Rattlesnakes are not found in Vermont due to its cooler climate and lack of appropriate habitats for these reptiles.