9 American Clothing Brands To Avoid Buying

Forever 21

You might be tempted by their affordable and fast-fashion appeal, but the brand's image could be damaged by previous claims of sweatshop conditions, which could lower its resale value.

Urban Outfitters

Some of the brand's products may be less attractive in the resale market due to its history of producing culturally insensitive goods, which would lower the return on your investment.

Gap Inc.

Certain products may be viewed as riskier investments because to past associations with child labor and complaints about the working conditions of suppliers' factories.

American Apparel

The brand's reputation has witnessed highs and lows due to previous problems involving their CEO and controversial advertising, which makes its long-term value less predictable.

Abercrombie & Fitch

The company's exclusivity strategy, which includes favoring "attractive" people and making contentious remarks about their prior CEO, may be detrimental to the brand's attractiveness

Lululemon Athletica

Recalls of products because of quality issues (such as sheer material) may cause prospective customers to doubt the brand's dependability and value.

Victoria’s Secret

Given its high-end status as a lingerie company, some consumers may be put off by its scandals involving the representation of women and its association with Jeffrey Epstein.

Fashion Nova

The brand may become less appealing to consumers seeking to purchase ethically made clothing as a result of allegations of underpaid labor, which could have an impact on the brand's resale market.


Despite not being born in America, its stronghold in the country makes it significant. In the long run, fast fashion criticism and historical racial insensitivity may have an impact on how valuable people view its products.