9 Types of Water Features to Add a Refreshing Touch to Your Yard

A garden pond can transform your backyard into a vibrant ecosystem. Easy to install with kits, it can fit any space, adding life and tranquility. Ideal for nature lovers.

Garden Pond

A statue fountain adds an artistic touch to your garden, serving as a focal point among flowers and foliage. It's perfect for creating an instant atmosphere with various styles.

Statue Fountain

Ideal for sloped yards, waterfalls offer the soothing sight and sound of flowing water. They can be created from natural or found materials and complement other plants.

Waterfall Addition

Streams, even short ones, provide a calming effect and attract wildlife. They can enhance existing fountains or waterfalls, guiding visitors through your garden.


Water gardens bring a new dimension to gardening with aquatic plants like water lilies. They can be as large as a pond or as small as a tabletop feature. Great for those seeking a new challenge.

Water Garden

Fountains, big or small, add elegance and the sound of trickling water to any yard. Look for solar-powered options for energy efficiency and low maintenance.

Bubbling Fountain

Wall fountains make a striking yet subtle statement, perfect for enhancing vertical spaces or blank walls. They add an architectural element to your landscape.

Wall Fountain

Bird baths are simple, low-maintenance water features that attract birds. Enhance them with complementary plants to support wildlife year-round. Ideal for nature enthusiasts.

Bird Bath

Perfect for small spaces, tabletop water features add a touch of nature without requiring a pump or power. They re great for balconies and intimate outdoor areas, needing regular water refreshment.

Tabletop Water Feature