Surprising Skills: 9 Celebrities with Hidden Talents

Susan Sarandon's talent extends beyond acting; she's a skilled ping-pong player. She has participated in numerous celebrity ping-pong tournaments and even co-owns a ping-pong club.

Susan Sarandon - Ping-pong player

Aaron Paul's love for animals goes beyond the screen. He has a special connection with dogs and is known for his ability to calm even the most anxious pups, earning him the nickname "dog whisperer" among friends and colleagues.

Aaron Paul - Dog Whisperer

Geena Davis is not just an award-winning actress but also an accomplished archer. She has represented the United States in international archery competitions and narrowly missed qualifying for the Olympics.

Geena Davis - Archer

Justin Bieber's fans might be surprised to learn that he's a Rubik's Cube enthusiast. He can solve the puzzle in record time and often challenges friends and fans to compete against him.

Justin Bieber Rubik s Cube master

Christopher Walken's daring personality extends to his hobbies. He has a fascination with exotic animals and has trained as a lion-tamer, showcasing his fearlessness and love for adventure.

Christopher Walken - Lion-tamer

Beyoncé's competitive streak extends beyond the stage to board games. She's a master at Connect 4 and has been known to challenge friends and family to intense matches during downtime on tour.

Beyoncé - Connect 4 champion

Arnold Schwarzenegger's action-packed lifestyle includes a surprising skill: driving tanks. He's a certified tank driver and has even hosted tank-driving experiences for charity events.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tank Driver

Jennifer Garner's Southern roots shine through in her hidden talent: clogging. She's proficient in this traditional dance form and has showcased her skills on various occasions, surprising fans with her lively performances.

Jennifer Garner - Clogger

John Travolta's love for aviation is well-known in Hollywood. He's a licensed pilot with multiple aircraft in his personal collection, and he often flies himself to film sets and events, demonstrating his passion for flying.

John Travolta Pilot