The 7 Best Fruits To Grow In Containers

Since a long time ago, strawberries have been grown in pots. In fact, there is a special type of pot called a strawberry pot that is named after the fruit. These big urn-shaped pots are usually made of clay.


Finding fresh figs can be challenging, as these fruits do not store well. This is why growing your own figs is so rewarding. While many different varieties of fig can be grown in pots, 'Little Miss Figgy'

'Little Miss Figgy' Dwarf Fig

This blackberry doesn't have thorns, so it grows as a tight, round mound instead of long, spreading canes. This makes it much better for growing in pots and with other decorative plants than regular blackberries.

Baby Cakes® Thornless Blackberry

Blueberries are gorgeous plants, providing spring blooms, summer fruits, and ruby-red fall color. Planting blueberries in containers is a great way to grow these fruiting shrubs in locations where soil pH is too high.


If you've ever had Hawaiian Punch, you know what passion fruit tastes like. You can grow these soft tropical plants in pots and bring them inside for the winter (they can handle cold in zones 9B 11).

Passion Fruit

Peach trees look great as outdoor plants because their leaves are long and beautiful, and the bright pink flowers smell great. There are many miniature peach and nectarine varieties to choose from.

Dwarf Peach

Raspberry Shortcake® is an altogether different kind of raspberry. Thornless and compact, Raspberry Shortcake® was bred for life in containers. It produces sweet fruits on first year canes, making pruning a breeze.

Raspberry Shortcake®