Top 9 Refreshing Cocktail Recipes with Fresh Fruit

Sweet with a hint of basil, featuring fresh strawberries for a light and refreshing twist on a classic margarita.

Fresh Strawberry Margarita

A Prohibition-era favorite combining gin, citrus, and honey for a crisp and floral drink perfect for any occasion.

The Bee's Knees Cocktail

A pink, bridal shower-worthy cocktail using fresh watermelon juice and gin, also enjoyable as a non-alcoholic refresher.

Watermelon Gin Fizz

Red, white, and blue-themed sangria made with sparkling white wine, dessert wine, and fresh fruit, omitting added sugars for a healthier option.

Berry Sangria

A fruit-forward Mardi Gras favorite with reduced sugar and calories, featuring passion fruit-flavored sparkling water for effervescence.

Hurricane Cocktail

A stunning drink blending gin, Campari, fresh grapefruit juice, and seltzer, customizable to adjust bitterness.

Ruby-Red Grapefruit Cocktail

Honey Lemon Drop cocktail achieves a perfect harmony of tartness and sweetness, blending zesty lemon with the smooth richness of honey.

Honey Lemon Drop

Low-carb indulgence with rhubarb syrup and club soda, offering a lighter twist on cocktail hour with fewer calories.

Spring Rhubarb Cocktail

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